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Robert Hanas

Co-Founder: Lead Gen, Creative Scripting, Consultant

4 Years Experience With Multiple Business Models, from Forex, Audio Books, FB Ads, to Short Form Content

Striving to Change as Many Lives as Possible by Providing Real Utility through the Love of the Content Space & Constant Devotion to Improving Service Delivery & Market Awareness.

Ivan Khan

Co-Founder: Creative Director, Piece Builder, Consultant.

4 years Experience with Systems, Data Expert, Canva Professional, Premiere Pro Expert. Started off in FB Ads, and a Certified Fitness Trainer, to leading Creative Genius in the world of Content Creation & Generation.

Dedicated to Delivering Excellence in all Areas & Striving to Perfect Content Creation Through a Gifted Eye. Providing Immense Value to Not only Clients but the Community of Editing and Content Creation.

Client bookings & leads using the power of Short-Form Content

We help Entrepreneurs escape the competition on paid ads and instead leverage the power of Short-Form Content

With the Consistent use of SFC you are Rewarded by the Algorithm and Gain Higher Reach + Engagement of Audience

Getting clients has never been easier with Revamps' surefire method of Content Tracking, Optimization, & Flow

Our testimonials back this up through and through

We only work with Online Business & Mindset Coaches

Consulting, Advising, Improving Workflow

We are lead specialists in the Creative Growth Industry and exclusively work with Online Coaches & Local Businesses

Short Form Content is the new most powerful method to attracting your exact ideal clients organically!

We know exactly how time consuming writing, recording, editing, & posting content is that's why.....

We tailor to the specific needs of each individual clients needs to provide the best campaigns and organic growth reach for YOUR social media

Leads that Convert Consistently

Qualitatively Overdelivering on our Service

We Save our Clients TIME & Provide Qualitative Leads where they can focus on providing their actual service to their clients and we take their content to maximize their Service Delivery

Chasing potential customers or leads is proven to be ineffective

"Don't waste your time chasing butterflies. Mend your garden, and the butterflies will come"

"Our strategy is to simply understand YOUR customers and solving THEIR problems by inviting them into your Personal Brand world "

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We Have Worked With Entrepreneurs Starting Off With No Clients, To Having 5 By The End Of Their First Month With Us. Offering Creative Direction, Workflow, Simple & Effective Systems To Generate Higher Productivity Output, AND Memorable Audience Retentive Short-Form Content.

Our customer results speak for themselves. Take a look.


Founder, Gecko Squared


Founder, Growthrate

Revamping Your Content & Saving you Time

Our Portfolio of Outperforming Work

We Aim to Generate 100,000+ views per Month Using the Power of Short-Form Content.

We Only Work With People Willing to Change Now.

No questions asked.

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