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About Us

Ivan Khan
Co-Founder: Creative Director | Client Success Admin | Consultant

  • The Brains Behind The Process
  • Former Fitness Coach
  • Former Kickboxer and Powerlifter
  • Content Creative Director
  • Internal Team Leader
  • Operations
  • Marketing Agency Consultant

From Fitness to leading Creative Genius in the world of Content Creation & Generation.

Dedicated to Delivering Excellence in all Areas & Striving to Perfect Content Creation Through a Gifted Eye. Providing immense value to not only clients but the community of editing and content creation.

Robert Hanas
Co-Founder: Lead Gen | Sales | Mindset | Consultant

5 Years Experience Pivoting from Forex & Branded Ecom to Creative Growth Partner

  • Iron Mindset Forger
  • ⁠Owner and Founder of a Physical & Online Business (Hybrid Business Owner)
  • Entrepreneur since 16 years old
  • ⁠Founded & Built 2 Business to 6 Fgures+ ARR in 2023
  • Strategic Positioner
  • ⁠Deep Understanding of Psychology for each Social Media Platform
  • ⁠Excellent Thinker

Widening Perspectives Daily, “My Ultimate Mission is to be as Useful & Impactful as I possible can”. Strives to become 1% Everyday and make an everlasting Impact in the Content Marketing World.

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We specialize in generating leads for online coaches and local businesses within the Creative Growth Industry. Short-form content is the key to attracting your ideal clients organically! We understand how time-consuming content creation is, so we tailor campaigns to your exact needs, boosting your social media reach.

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We save you time with qualified leads, freeing you to focus on your expertise. Stop chasing clients – attract them with a strong personal brand. We understand your customers' problems and draw them into your world. "Don't waste your time chasing butterflies. Mend your garden, and the butterflies will come.

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